Passage to November (paperback)

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-885-6
Page Count: 330
Word Count: 89800
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)

(MSRP: 14.9900)

Clara Grace cannot recall the traumatic events that brought her to this desolate Canadian beach. As debris washes ashore, memories flash through her mind: a terrible storm…men swept to their deaths…the deep, menacing darkness of the lunatic sea. Cold and alone, she only knows she must wait for the man who promised never to leave her.

For Captain William McTavish, life alone was simple, so he thought, until Clara Grace came to work aboard his ship. Something in her eyes, something in the music from her old violin, broke through his hardened heart...he’d found his kindred spirit.

Torn from each other by the white hurricane that has devastated the Great Lakes, will they find their hard-won love can somehow lead them home?

(Pages 330) Sensual
Word Count 89800
Print ISBN: 1-60154-885-0


“If I touch you, Clara Grace…if I kiss you again, I won’t stop,” he whispered. “I will never be able to let you go. And that cannot be.”

She studied his face, that wonderful, fearsome face, and felt her knees start to fail. The breath fled her body, her heart pounded furiously, and for a moment she wondered if she might faint. “William, I just don’t understand…”

McTavish shook his head. “Someone like you, Clara…you could never understand what it means to guard your heart.”

“You’re breaking mine.”

She tried to look away, but the intensity of his gaze held her still. As he studied her face, searched her eyes as if he sought some sort of meaning in them, her hands trembled. He reached out to her, caressed her cheek, the curve of her neck, the swell of her breast. His eyes never left hers.

“You’ll not toy with me, Clara Grace.” His voice was low now, that quiet growl that sent a shiver down her spine. “I am not some stupid boy whose heart you might trifle with. I am a man, Clara, accustomed to solitude…and you cannot possibly imagine what you have done to me.”

Clara’s bottom lip trembled. As his words sank deeper into her mind, her heart pounded madly in her chest. “All I ever wanted was to love you.”

At once, the cold anger in his eyes flickered to disbelief, and as he finally took in a hesitant breath, what remained in his expression was the terrible longing of a man who desperately wanted to believe her. He needed to believe her, for he knew now without a doubt that he could not possibly live without her.

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