Silver Serenade

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-782-8
Page Count: 388
Word Count: 102685
Rating: Hot (R)
MSRP: 7.00

A beautiful assassin and a desperate fugitive join forces to catch a terrorist before he starts an intergalactic war. Ace pilot Jace Vernon is forced to flee his home world after being framed for murder. He seeks justice, but S.I.N. agent Silver Malloy gets in his way. The platinum-haired beauty counters his every move in a quest to clear his name. As he makes it his mission to break down her defenses, he doesn't count on the personal consequences of success. Silver refuses to abort her deadly mission even if it means killing the one man Jace needs alive to prove his innocence. Her resolve wavers when Jace's charms melt the barriers around her heart. Can she help him win his case, even if it means betraying her family and ruining her career?

(Pages 388) Hot


She bowed her head. Just when she'd finally cast aside the darkness of her past to grasp the light, he snatched it from her.

By the stars, she didn't want him to know how much she cared. Evidently, duty meant more to him than she did or he'd renounce his obligations in favor of staying with her. She should have realized happiness was merely an illusion.

"So, I bring you to life, huh? Like this?"

Pressing a hand to the small of her back, he dragged her against him. With his other hand, he tilted her face. She lifted her gaze to his resolute jaw and contoured lips.

His mouth crushed down on hers, sending signals to her nerves to wake up and smell his clean soap scent, to taste his mint-scented breath. At first, she refused to respond, but his relentless kiss weakened her defense.

She parted her lips, letting his tongue swirl inside her mouth. He explored her crevices, leaving nothing untouched, while she grew languorous in his embrace. Switching his angle, he scoured her mouth until her teeth hurt.

You want to play with fire? I can handle the game.

She knew he wasn't immune to her charms. Maybe he had to marry Yvette, but the proper Kurashki lady could never give him what Silver could. She'd make him remember her for all eternity.

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